Top 5 tips for SSC exams preparation

Top 5 tips to strengthen your memory for SSC exams preparation-

Top 5 tips for SSC exams preparation One of the biggest hurdles for the preparation of government job exams is to remember a lot of data and information. It is quite difficult to retain the information in memory until the examination. At last, you find yourself almost blank and puzzled.

To overcome this problem, Understand firstly when you start answering questions in the examination hall what facts should start flooding into your mind. Secondly, how to remember such information as there is a lot of information recalling techniques in a formal and structural way. Now, in this article, we are going to show you how you can retain and recall maximum amount of information at examination time. We expect that this will increase your confidence as well.

Be Organized

Before discussing the memory techniques, we need to discuss first, If there is one enemy of a good memory, it is disorganization. Disorganization refers to a study note filled with scrambled data of different subjects, a disarranged working space with unfiled notes here and there etc. All such disasters results in the inability of recalling the facts in the exam room. So, eliminate this behavior from your study discipline and get organized.  

Tidy your study room or place whichever you are using for reading and prepare your notes neatly for all subjects. Cleaning and de-cluttering your environment bring you an amazing change in your mind and it will improve the memorizing and recalling capability of the brain.

Rhyme the facts

Putting information into rhyming order is one of the easiest and very effective techniques as we still remember the poems and stories listened in our childhood. This will definitely improve your memory effectively to retain a huge amount of information. You rhyme can be more modern sounding resembling with the new songs of chartbusters etc. which will help you in it. Once you started trying them in generally then used rhyming couplets will assist you to cement facts in your brain.


Human beings are blessed with photographic memory means everyone can remember, identify, & co-relate the features of the photos or images. You can use this skill to combine your image with text/facts/information to reinforce what you have learned. It is also the easiest way of recalling data from the brain and correlates the facts to generate information comprehensively.

Even, if you do not have visualization memory or you are weak at this. Then, you can apply the same concept on your prepared notes in pictorial fashion like spider diagram. With this method, you can revise and gain knowledge at the same time. Always remember, “Brain is lazy and does not operate on complex ideas.”

Mind palaces

This method is also known as “Method of loci” and the memory palace can be used to memorize huge volume of information. It is considered the best of all as it is all about your imagination and you can constantly expand it. It functions like this: –

  1. First, visualize a home or a road or anything, which you can remember easily like placements of stuffs in the model.
  2. Mentally connect an image of each of the features of the reference model in the manageable chunks of information.
  3. To recall the information, just simply retrace your steps through the home or road and pick out the associated objects and related information.
  4. In case, if you want to add additional information to your memory bank then you can simply add another room or building to reference it.

The above trick is a foolproof memory trick because Roman orator Cicero used it to recall a large number of information while delivering speech. “If it was good enough for them, it is good enough for us.”


Mnemonics concept is very simple. It involves translating information into an alternative form, which is easy to remember. Suppose, you want to remember a long phrase in the sequential order then take the first letters of each words from the phrase and use them to create a memorable sentence or phrase that you find easier to recall than the original one.

For example: – VIBGYOR stands for violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and read. The derived phrase is easy to remember and easy to understand.

The above discussed techniques are proven practically on the students ranging from 10 to 25 years old. So, we advised you to adopt any of them as per your convenience and practice them regularly to see drastic results in short period of time. If you have any doubt, then feel free to contact us.

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