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Swingers wa long haired brunette at pf Clarksville Texas

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Some of the shows may not be circuses.

Swingers wa long haired brunette at pf Clarksville Texas

Note that not only do the ClipperBillboard and newspapers have typographical errors, Swingers wa long haired brunette at pf Clarksville Texas transcription will also have typos. All information should be Women in Chesapeake Virginia wanting sex with additional sources. The brothers have been in the big top game for several seasons and have an outfit with a good display and capital menagerie. VarietyMarch 26,p.

Wanted, for Oberfield's Combined Shows. Musicians of all kinds. Performers doing two or more acts, rings, traps, ground acts, clowns, singing clowns who do concert turn, B. Can use dog act or animal act. Working men in all departments. Others, Oberfield's Combined Shows, 92 Jersey st. Show opens May 6. Wanted for Oberfield's Combined Show. Musicians, ground acts, talking and singing clown that can double in concert.

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Oberfield, Monongahela City, Pa. Michael Oberfield, 71, former operator of a Wheeling circus, died today. Oberfield was well known as an acrobat and trapeze ww. He ran the Oberfield Brothers Circus in the early s. Circus Information should be checked with additional sources Do you have more information on this show? Email your documented information for the show or persons.

John O'Brien's - various titles Charles Whitney, general director, and R. Ball, agent, are now in that city making the arrangements for its appearance. New York ClipperApril 5, Harborton VA sexy women, p. New York ClipperApril 12,p. Six separate tents will be used for the performances and there will be fifteen camp and saloon Swingers wa long haired brunette at pf Clarksville Texas, lpng horse tents and six sideshow, making a total of forty.

The haured will contain three elephants and thirteen camels.

Pt the procession will be two golden chariots, two distinct bands of music, fifty-three cages, twelve gentlemen in armor, four ladies in elegant costumes, an elk team, the elephants, camels, eight buggies and thirty-three baggage wagons painted in red and white.

The advance consists of three bill wagons, twelve horses and one buggy, in charge of Ben Richardson. John O'Brien, sole proprietor and manager; general director and advance manager, Charles Whitney; contracting agent, R.

Hzired press agent, Col. Wilson; advertising agent, Edward Stetlas with four assistants; equestrian director, Phil Dieffenbach. Williams, assistant treasurer, Wm. New York ClipperApril 19,Supplement, n. Our correspondent, writing on April 20, says: The display was poor. O'Brien exhibits under six tents, all round top, five of which are old and the worse for wear. The circus tent is new.

The first tent contained the rhinocerous cage and the gilded band chariot; the second, nine wagons of stuffed birds, fish, etc. There were also congregated here three ordinary camels and one white one, and English mastiff, and the trained elephant, Cleopatra. The sixth tent Clarksvil,e the circus, presided over by Phil Diefenbach as equestrian director.

There was a complete absence of acrobats and gymnasts. Primrose and Fanny Valade. The sideshow curiosities consist of the skeleton man John Battersby, the fat woman Batterbly, the Aztec children, an Egyptian mummy, a Punch and Judy show and an educated pig.

Attendance throughout the week was very Texsa. New York ClipperFebruary 24,p. Castle is to be general director, and Charles H. New York ClipperMarch 10,p. During the season the show will appear in the large towns and cities of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

In addition to the artistic performances Married wives seeking sex tonight Gold Coast the arean, ta exhibit fifty-three cages of animals and a large aviary. Three military bands also travel with Swingesr company. New York ClipperMay 19,p. Swingers wa long haired brunette at pf Clarksville Texas O'Brien's Show goes through a few towns in Massachusetts, and takes in the east coast of Main, running against the Van Amburg Show, and threaten to reduce its admission to 25 cents as an opposition measure.

Swingers wa long haired brunette at pf Clarksville Texas

New York ClipperJune 9,p. The case was referred, and the referee decided last week in favor of Scott for the about above named. New York ClipperJuly 21,p. New York ClipperOctober 6,p.

John O'Brien will sell at public auction, Nov. O'Brien gives as his reason for thus selling out that he intends traveling by rail pg season with an entirely new stock. New York ClipperNovember 17,p.

O'Brien's Circus will hereafter travel wholly by rail. At the Housewives wants casual sex Willisburg Ground, Richmond, Va. New York ClipperNovember 24,p. Mollie Brown and her parents are to travel with O'Brien's show this season. New Sex chat near Betws-Y-Coed ClipperFebruary 9,p.

See Campbell's Circus A colossal consolidation of railroad shows. Boss billposters, billposter, lithographers, programmers, agents, fence decorative painter, calliope musician, etc. Season to commence at Philadelphia, Pa. Toole, general supervising agent, etc. New York ClipperFebruary 5,p. When they arrived there the managers were waited upon by Sheriff Strine, who levied Swingers wa long haired brunette at pf Clarksville Texas and took possession of five cars, built by W.

Danforth, lately the manager of the Kansas City opera house, but at present route and railroad contracting agent for the Circus Royal and English Menagerie, is in the city, and will probably make arrangements to spread his tents here as a Fourth of July celebrations.

The Circus Royal has been here and gone upon its way, and as a circus we must say that it is very thin; as a menagerie it is still thinner; and as a museum it is so thin you can't see it. There is only one thing that can be said in favor of the Circus Royal, and that is that they pay their bills, and do it promptly, but as a show they are a conglomeration of first-class frauds, whose ambition seemed to be a determination to beat their patrons out of as many dimes as they possibly could, for they had the ticket scalper, the candy butcher and lemonade peddler, and the biggest Swingers wa long haired brunette at pf Clarksville Texas of all the ticket-seller for the minstrel show after the circus, which proved, we are told, a bigger farce Swingers wa long haired brunette at pf Clarksville Texas the first performance.

There are but two redeeming features to the entire concern, three brothers who did some very good athletic work, and Mollie Brown, the bareback rider. The Circus Royal manager announced from the top of his ticket wagon in Humbolt on Wednesday that owing to the great expense in bringing the show to the smaller places, seventy-five cents admission would be charged. The principal officer of the town thereupon stepped up, and said the doors should be opened at Filipino dating cents, or not at all.

The manager was at first very indignant, but finally gave in, particularly as he learned that there was an excellent prospect of a mob. The entire press and public of the Nemaha valley unite in denouncing the show as the poorest that has ever appeared there, and run by the meanest men.

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The biggest humbug on earth, the Circus Royal, which was in Atchison on the Fourth of July a year ago, is now advertising the only white elephant. This institution will travel by railroad with its own special cars and advance coaches. Address Charles Whitney, general agent, Philadelphia, Pa. New York ClipperJanuary 14,p.

Edward Kohl and Wm. Doris own and manage all the privileges with the Grand Circus Royal. They will travel with their employes in the Wagner sleeping car "Washington.

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New York ClipperFebruary 11,p. Thomas Daily will be in Swinger of billing car Concord nd personals. Lawrence is to be the assistant press agent. The Grand Circus, Royal Haiired Menagerie and Astley's Museum, comprising a colossal double circus, two leviathan menageries, famous brunetge, aquarium is to exhibit grunette Huntingdon on Wednesay, April 26th. Of it the Frankford News says: Her achievement of throwing somersaults from the back of her naked horse, while in full motion, together with her rapid and reckless style of backward riding have causes shouts of applause and huzzas of approval.

The former has been passed upon by the people as a grand swindle. Reports reaching us through our exchanges say the "Grand Circus Royal," which exhibited in this place a week or so ago, is not meeting with much success in its travels.

The Circus Royal "busted" in Erie, Pa. The Circus Royal which exhibited in Swingers wa long haired brunette at pf Clarksville Texas city yesterday was a good one for the price of admission.

The parade, the menagerie and the circus were about average. Horseback riding was the principal feature and was good.

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