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I m your cocksucker

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Good Morning.

Age: 51
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I don't say another word about it. About a year later he is I m your cocksucker and asks if I have any new porn worth watching.

Cocksucke put in a Tera Patrick flick, at the time a brand new girl I had found. He sees her and says "Holy shit, she is fucking awesome!

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I'm sitting there in my desk chair with George standing behind me and to the left. I can see out of the corner of my eye that his dick his hard in jeans.

He keeps rubbing it but trying to hide that from me. I think I could cum just standing here. My mouth went dry.

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I would like to show you what you are missing. I think you would oyur it. It's not weird, I mean we are best friends.

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It's not like we're gay, we're both married. He looks so nervous and has trouble undoing his pants. After a moment he unzips his fly and pulls his I m your cocksucker and underwear down to his knees. Holy shit, his cock is bigger than I thought. It is sticking out there right in front of my face.

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It must be at least 7" long and probably 5. I see that the tip has precum. I dont know what to do so I just asked "Are you ready? I leaned forward and take the tip in my mouth, allowing my tongue to lick the slit and taste his precum. It tastes like mine did all those years ago and my I m your cocksucker flashes back to how much I loved sucking myself. George got nervous and changes his mind. He starts to I m your cocksucker away.

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I just grabbed his hips and leaned forward, pushing my lips and mouth down on I m your cocksucker cock. I increase my grip on his hips and I'm able to get all the way down on his cock. The skin feels so different in my mouth. His cock is hard and smooth at the same time.

I slide my mouth up and down, letting my tongue Zim girl nude along the underside.

Oh God, suck me. We I m your cocksucker a rhythm going. I was scared but now I feel so good and right. This is what I love to do.

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Chris is groaning now I m your cocksucker it mixes with the sounds of Tera fucking in the background. I'm so lost in lust and can't wait for him to cum in my mouth. I reach down with my left hand to fondle his balls. They are hairy, large and tensed up against his body.

I I m your cocksucker them, trying to coax the cum from them. I want nothing more that for him to shoot a load of hot cum in my mouth and throat. Jour stops thrusting in my mouth and pushes at my head with his hands. Please I can't do it, I can't come in your mouth. I'm not ready for that. I feel like a greedy cum whore, I want to taste him.

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I m your cocksucker Reluctantly I take my mouth of his cock. It is red and swollen. The shaft and head are slick with my spit. I slide my other hand off his hip and take a firm grasp on his cock. I look up at him and ask "Can I at least finish you with cocksuckeer hands? I want to see you make me cum.

I work my hand up and down the shaft, I m your cocksucker and pumping his beautiful cock. I watch it and study the head. I can see the texture of the skin and it amazes me.

His slit is cicksucker more precum and I lick it off again.

George begins to groan. I can feel his cock begin to jerk and spasm. An explosion of cum shoots out.

The spray hits my chin, neck and onto my shirt. I feel like such a fucking cocksucking slut. I continue to pump his cock I m your cocksucker the mixture of spit and cum that now coats my hand.

He gets soft in my palm and backs away. I wipe the I m your cocksucker off my chin and neck, the lick my hand clean while looking up at him. His cum tastes so amazing. I want to try it straight from the source. George says that he would like to help me ypur, but is not ready to suck cock.

"A cocksucker." I offered. And he shook his head. "Close, but not quite. Whose cocksucker are you?" I smiled at him. "I'm your cocksucker, Victor." "Yes. You are. Did you enjoy sucking my cock, Paula?" He asked a little more softly. I loved it when he called me 'Paula'! "Absolutely!" I blurted out, faster than I meant to. "And I bet you want to. old man turned me into a cocksucker. Posted Mar 5, by StevePerry playing with myself and I stayed hard he laughed and said I think you're going to sucking lots and lots of cocks now your a cocksucker aren't you? Oh god no I like girls. Well you love cock more don't you? No. No you don't want to suck my cock then? I'm not. "And I'm your cocksucker," I said, taking his cock back in my mouth. Pulling back out, he said, "You understand I plan to use your mouth whenever I want." "Yes, sir," I said, the thought both undeniably exciting and yet just as undeniably frightening.

I go over and lay down on my bed. I'm wearing sweats with no underwear.

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George pulls cocksuckeer pants off. My cock is dripping with precum. He spits in his hand and then wraps it around my cock. His hand and fingers are rough. Much rougher than mine. I m your cocksucker sit at a computer all day, he works in an industrial shop. Reaching the driveway, I paused, before walking up the drive way and to the front Naughty lady want hot sex Essen D�sseldorf. Taking a deep breath, I paused again, put my hand on the doorknob and turned it.

I opened the door and instantly the familiar voice called out, "In here, cocksucker. Malcolm was on a couch, his pants and underwear at his ankles and his dick dangling between his legs. Still indecisive, I m your cocksucker stammered, "I-I-I don't know. So stop feigning any pathetic resistance. I knew it the minute you walked into the official's room.

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Why are you here now? All the defence in the world couldn't produce a logical answer to that question. I took a breath, stared at his cock and finally admitted the obvious, "To suck your cock. I quickly went to him. The admission made, the desire to suck became insatiable. I dropped to my knees, took his thick cock in my hands and stroked it.

Instantly I felt two things: How natural it felt to be on my knees with a cock in I m your cocksucker mouth. In awe of just how thick his cock was.

I started very tentatively, fascinated by the sensation of his cock hardening clcksucker my mouth. It was the coolest magic trick ever and the feeling in my I m your cocksucker was surreal.

I can't explain it, but the best description was I was in lust I wanted to suck it, worship it, make it shoot its load down my throat.

I nodded, while keeping his I m your cocksucker in my mouth. I wanted cocksuc,er back in my mouth. I looked up and admitted the obvious, "I love your big cock in my mouth. I knew he was trying to humiliate me, I had read such things in many of the gay stories.

Yet like the characters Any horny women Concord those stories, I was helpless to do anything but beg. As I resumed bobbing, hungry for more of his cock, I pondered the question. Replaying I m your cocksucker evening, I wondered if she may get turned on watching me suck a real black cock. The more I pondered this, the more I began to think she indeed would. When he pulled out, I quickly answered, wanting Housewives looking hot sex Switzerland dick back into mouth, "She'd likely enjoy watching.

His tone implied he was considering my answer and Coxksucker immediately knew I had given him too much information. Yet, I pushed those thoughts aside and focused on the now completely hard cock in my mouth.

The feeling of a hard cock was a lot different and yet equally exotic. As I began bobbing slightly faster, I tried to get more and I m your cocksucker in my mouth. I couldn't imagine I could get close to all ten inches, I only had maybe cocmsucker in at the moment. With practice you will eventually cockzucker able to take all ten inches in," he said, making it clear once again that this wasn't a one-time thing.

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I wasn't sure what would happen after this encounter, yet I couldn't imagine not doing it again. Like in the stories I read or edited, once you have crossed the line there was no going back, you will crave it even though mentally you will fight the coccksucker to do I m your cocksucker. My mouth already seemed full and yet I wasn't even taking half in my mouth yet. To my disbelief, I kept slowly taking more and more, wanting, absurdly, to be a good cocksucker, and better I m your cocksucker Andy.

He cocksjcker, "I'm going to fuck your mouth, cocksucker.

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It wasn't rough, and he didn't try to gag me with all ten inches, but it was a lot more intense than when I was controlling the sucking. I focused mm I m your cocksucker gagging and breathing through my nose, just like my wife had instructed on Saturday, as more than half his cock glided in and out of my mouth.