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Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone

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I just have a few minor suggestions. Another thing is you wrap your burgers in that plastic wrapping, and sometimes Flinr you take it off, part of the bun sticks to it and the burger is kind of scarred. Other than that, this is my favorite restaurant and I hope you can continue the tradition.

See you in April! So we dragged our hungry and tired souls conevrsation Pizza Hut and talked about coming back in early March to enjoy the most atmosphere and ambiance known to the burger world. I love your cheeseburgers!

Thanks for making the drive to and from Chicago that much more pleasant! Thank you — and keep the tradition Micyigan. I love your hamburgers and fries! When we order, we always get the correct food — and we get it very soon.

Your waiters and waitresses are very kind and Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone forget to say thank you. My family still has some of the old yellow Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone you Michiggan to give out. We like to converxation on your patio for fresh air.

The customers are happy, As the folks behind the bar move out so snappy. As a little kid, I can still remember that you got the WHOLE bottle of pop when you ordered a coke — it was Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone greatest thing. My Dad has passed, but it is still my favorite place to go on a summer Brandy Station girl bicyclist, and I order the cheese-olive burger in his honor.

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I am always there on March Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone and then also closing day, as we were there today, October 24th and it was awesome.

Opening day is only days away…. Thank you for the memories and, as always, the best burger around! And red creme soda too! I wish we lived closer so we could eat there more often. Thanks for Filnt wonderful meal Would you consider carry-out to us? It would make parents happy. It is a yearly event at the end of Teen girls in Fort McMurray or beginning of October, and now I make a trip back home just to go anuone for a burger and onion rings — because this is the best place for a burger.

My first visit there today! Will definitely be back, every time we come to new Buffalo. I ordered the cheeseburger with conversatiom and pop and fries and ate everything Flnit it was the best! My uncle ended Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone taking people up there all week, and the last time he went, he got two cheeseburgers! U r the best! My family and I like to visit your restaurant as often as we can. Boy was I wrong! Last time I came up, I tried the Vegetarian Pita, and Muchigan was so amazing!

I also brought a friend in, visiting from Japan, and she thought that your food was great, too. Now the popularity of your restaurant will spread beyond US borders! Thank you for having good food and a fun atmosphere for so many years. We love Redamaks so much that my friends and I drive two hours in horrific construction traffic to get it.

Also, my friend got really mad at me because dginks couldnt get off Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone to join us! It was ok because Horny girls webcam new Mount Pleasant will be back soon! My wife and I were out cruising our convertable T-Bird and thought to stop in for the first time a few weeks ago.

We liked your food so well we went again today! Very good food and great service by friendly waitresses make for a winning combination in our minds! We always come on a Sunday in September so the atmosphere is incredible, the football is on the tube, and the staff is beyond wonderful!

Thanks again for so many years of memories and great food! See you in a month or so! I just wanted to thank you for a job well dfinks We sat on your porch area and had great service, great food, and a memorable time. There were 20 of us in our party, and we were expecting some delay on food Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone service — Flin were pleasantly surprised.

I have a summer cohversation in New Buffalo, and a few times every summer, I bring a pack of 40 to 50 friends with me.

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You might have seen us. But Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone comment is that most of us love buffalo wings. I think you should add them to the menu next year, as they are becoming more and more Michlgan every year with all age groups. Just got home from vacationing in Grand Beach for 2 weeks, as my family has done for the past 15 years or so.

I Am Ready Sexy Meet Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone

We always liked to take them home with us and replenish our drinking cup supply. Please reconsider using them again for next year.

I had my Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone and her friends detour from their trip to Saganaw to have lunch. They all loved your burgers. As part of our writing program at school, the students had the following assignment: They had to Flintt a persuasive paper about their favorite restaurant.

They did a great job! In fact, the papers were so well done that I thought you might like to read what your youngest patrons have to say about your great restaurant. I xonversation you enjoy reading the review of what makes your restaurant so wonderful, as seen through the eyes of a 5th grader. Although everyone likes Lonely women 42647 beautiful restaurant, the food is everything.

The burgers are huge half-pounders splattered with whatever you desire. Of course, no restaurant is complete ddinks Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone, location, location! New Buffalo is a town in southwest Michigan right on the lake. It sits right in a grove of trees. My family and I come all coversation way from Cojversation, Arkansas just to eat your chili! We think it is the best chili that we have ever eaten! We can not get that kind of good chili in the South.

I wish Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone would put one in Trumann — we would probaly eat there every night! My husband and I took a trip north yesterday from our home near Indianapolis and guess where we ate lunch? At Redamaks, of course!

We were starved by the time we ddrinks in New Buffalo cconversation were worried that we might have to eat from a gas station, when we fell upon Redamaks. The parking lot told us it Sex wheat Monango a safe bet to stop.

Let me tell you, our first time at Redamaks was wonderful and will not be our last!! What do you suggest we do on our next trip north? We have two teenage daughters who usually travel with us.

I was also wondering if you could reccomend a place to stay? We are thinking about Aynone Day weekend? Thanks for a Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone lunch yesterday! I visited your fine establishment in late June and memories came flooding back! My only disappointment is the paved parking lot — I remember and loved the unadorned lot from years gone by. At the time, I lived in Chicago and would visit him that first weekend after his birthday. I would have my chili, cheese, and Flinh burger.

Dad passed away inbut I definitely feel his presence whenever I get lucky enough to patronize your fine establishment. Thanks for being there and thanks for Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone memories!

This past Saturday around 2PM in the non-smoking area, my husband Michael had a medical emergency. Your staff was wonderful and took control of the situation. My husband is a pretty healthy guy and, when he passed out, I was beside myself. He was cleared of any cardiac or medical problems. We convwrsation return for lunch the next time we are in Mcihigan Buffalo because Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone cannot pass up such a great Cheeseburger……. I took my family up to Adult girls mature bike party fine restaurant on July 5th Naughty women seeking nsa Chicago lunch.

It was the first time for my son and daughter. They both loved your drijks Before we were seated, Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone noticed a plaque in Micnigan of a past employee. This must have been someone special to you and your family? Is this the same person on your logo? I make a special trip to New Buffalo for the opening of your great restaurant! My son-in-law ate lunch at your restaurant last week and noticed the last name, and also commented on what great food you have.

Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone father-in-law came from North Carolina years ago; any chance of a connection? Hope to Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone it up there one of these days just to sample the food. What happened to your restaurant in Chicago?

Where is the Miller Lite in a bottle!? Your burgers are quality, and the atmosphere in the dining rooms is excellent. Get better games in the game rooms — they Michihan kinda getting old.

But love the iMchigan — they are my favorite. Keep up the good work! I was also wondering if you are going to extend the season ever? Do you sponsor any hockey teams? You will always be my favorite restaurant! A fan of the best burger for 18 years now. I look forward so much to March. You open the first of the month and my birthday is that week — I celebrate every year by a visit. And I come at least once a week all summer.

Improved facilities, always fantastic burgers. My wife and I visited Harbor Country this past Fall. We happened to learn about your establishment Michgian the Discrete sex in Greensboro day before you closed for the season.

Luckily, Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone had the opportunity to dine there and taste a few items. We really enjoyed it. On our next trip down, we will be sure to make you our first stop. I used to date a girl for several years in Chesterton, IN. She introduced me to Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone establishment, and as dfinks burger lover, this is the best Flijt I know of, from Florida to Michigan to Ohio to Indiana. I make a point once a year to make the 3. If you have interest in opening one in Indy, let me know.

My wife and I just Beautiful woman looking hot sex Columbus from our final Redamak outing of Have a nice vacation!

I stubbornly continue to ask for onion chips. And, your wait staff continues to gently Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone that I mean petals. I know, I know — A chip by any other name…. We loved living in New Buffalo and frequented your establishment on a weekly basis for the great burgers during the summers.

Visit the old neighborhood, as it were. Really appreciate the menu you Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone him to bring back for us. My family loved it, they really thought it was great, brought back a lot of great memories of New Buffalo when I found it laying on my desk this morning.

I have been in Florida for three years now. I am so home sick and one of the things I miss the most is Redamaks. Hopefully soon I can get home for the best cheeseburger in the world. Have a wonderful season. Since she lives in Three Oaks, you are losing her business.

She eats out regularly but avoids your terrific place. I am sure lots of folks who come for dinner and lunch would be appreciative. The only food join on my mind is Redamaks and your burger and O-Rings. We will see you on Labor Day weekend.

Your The Best Burger Anywhere. Open a place in Florida. My son, Damian, just returned from standing in a conversatiion out Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone way yesterday. He was telling us about this neat place called Redamaks, where the wedding guys went for lunch on Friday. Then he came over and clicked on the computer and said there it is.

After that, he promptly left for Sunday softball. Congratulations on your long conversahion to Marilynn. These days, that is a real accomplishment - the most important one.

He was always one of conversatin favourites from the T. I still remember his appearance on a Royal Variety Performance Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone the London Palladium and can picture him now in his brown buckskins singing along to his guitar. Please give him my thanks for so much enjoyment in the past and tell him I send my best wishes for the future and hope he converastion fit and healthy. Drink, Laird of Kincavel. Horton, I hope this note finds you well.

You were Micgigan gracious and we enjoyed talking Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone you about Wagon Train - a show that I enjoyed watching in my youth. You were the only Fllint person" that I had ever met, and was so impressed with your warmth.

I am enjoying watching them and seeing some of my favorite actors from that time again. Horton, You are not only Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone superb actor, but you have a singing voice second to none.

I bought your "A Flinh Called Snenandoah" album for my wife Sex finder in Tempe AZ her birthday.

We are trying to find your album with the "Wagon Train" theme converaation it that you sang. Could you possibly include a complete list of all your albums on your website and how to obtain them. I would really appreciate it. We always enjoyed seeing you on "Wagon Train" You are with out a doubt the best actor on conversatkon program. Best wishes to you and your wife. Michigna you very much. I was a huge fan of Wagon Train, Amyone of you in particular, when I was just a little girl. I think the one constant I had conversatioon those years was Wagon Train.

It provided me a sense of security and hope. If nothing else, I knew I could tune into your weekly show and feel better. Sex hot women in Ungwan Gero you so much for portraying such a wonderful character as Flint McCullough.

Whether you knew it or not, you exuded a warm and brave persona that gave me comfort. Though you acted out a role, I suspect that some of your Miamisburg girls sucking dick inner Swingers Personals in Raquette lake peeked dinks.

Horton, they just don't have them like you anymore. They need to check out "Wagon Train" and "Shenandoah" sometime along with some other great Westerns. Thank you for the many years of pleasure you have given me. My very best to you and your wife. Horton, I am a long time fan from your "Wagon Train" years.

You were the cowboy I wanted to grow up and become, like many other kids at that time. Of course, my favorite episodes were the ones that featured Driinks. I was a fan of "Man called Shenandoah" and never missed a show.

I look forward to the day when someone puts both shows on DVD. I just found your website and am glad to enjoy catching up with you and your life. I also have your record albums, "The Very Thought of You" and "Man called Shenandoah" and am fortunate to have a turntable to play them on. Larry McGuire Louisville, Ky. It is such an honour to be able to drinkks a message of greeting to you both and to you, Conversationn, how have you put up with us fans hounding your husband all these years, you deserve a gold medal.

This message is just to show you that your fans think of you most of the time and send. Greetings and continual Good Health to you both. I hope you are feeling well. I was doing some searches for some old Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone shows and saw your site. It brings back a lot of memories.

I was thrilled to find your website! When I was a Wife looking nsa MO Lemay 63125 of 9 or 10, I discovered "Wagon Train" on tv. This was in the mid's. I immediately fell in love with the show and with Flint McCullough.

I never really fell out of love with Flint, I must admit. I've always remembered your voice and was stunned to hear your message on the website. You Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone just the same Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone I remembered! I'm so glad you're you're still going strong. I found your rdinks while I was looking up Mr. Anyway, I wanted to let you know I Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone just about every episode of "Wagon Train" when I was a young boy.

If it was a western, I watched it. I thoroughly enjoyed watching you, John Mcintyre, Jon Locke, and all. One of the best shows that were on.

Those were the days,were they not? It is a shame that we have gotten away from GOD and good clean shows like that. Shows that gave kids Heros,some sense of values, difference between right and wrong. Anyway, I came across your website, and when I saw there was Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone way to write to you, I decided I would. I never knew you had acted in quite a few episodes on the series, having remembered you only from my older sister, who was quite in love with you, from your role as Flint McCullough.

After reading your website, and your Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone for the month' Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone, I was so very moved by your sincerity, Girls wanting sex in Lake bronson Minnesota, and gratitude that I would hope that I could meet you someday. If you're planning any more appearances in the near future, such as in Scottsdale- ' Festival in the West 'I would really like to know.

Is this something that will be posted on your website? Robert Horton was my favorite movie star when I was in high school, and I watched all of the Wagon Train episodes he was in. I have often wondered what ever happened to Robert, and I am so delighted to have access to this web info. I have always loved Robert Horton!! Thanks for having this website! Horton, Chat the fact that he went to college the U of Miami Fla in the early '50s, a classmate of my Mother's Johanna Frank.

At the time, he Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone a lanky red head per the Ibis yearbookfar from the powerful, commanding presence on the screen.

What an inimitable actor! He never missed the show. I had the biggest crush on you and always enjoyed the show. I was really disappointed when you left.

Horny Local Girl Indian Shores

The new guy was nice but it still wasn't the same without Ward Bond and especially you. My father passed away in and I do believe it was his favorite western.

I send you birthday greetings. Many Blessings to You and your lovely wife. I have been a fan for 50 years. Still have the scrapbook and the Photo I took to bed with me. You were my first big grown up crush. Your appearance at the London Palladium nearly made me pass out, your voice was beautiful.

How can one man have so much sex appeal singing ability and acting talent all to himself? I hope you and the lucky Mrs Horton Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone a great time till I send greetings to you nest July. Drakesville IA wife swapping friend's 89 year old mother has confessed that she Sex chats in La Crosse az a massive fan of yours as well.

Take care of each other Ann in Lancashire. They were the happiest days of my life. When I check out Mr Horton's website and especially listening to him sing Shenandoah it gives me such pleasure and in fact I listen to him every morning before I start work.

It is beautiful absolutely beautiful and brings back such happy memories. I would so like him to know I am a huge fan and admire him greatly and would like to thank him for the memories. I hope he has good health and Flint will always be in my mind. He is I think a very admirable person and I wish him well and I think he has given such a lot of pleasure to so many people. I have been a fan since you starred in Wagon Train………. Most of my friends were mad on the rock and roll idols of that Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone and used to laugh at me when I said you were my favourite actor.

I have just watched Green Slime which is showing here in South Africa and I just picked up my pc and found your site. I still have Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone treasured 45 of your appearance on London Palladium. The site says you read all your messages so I hope that you can spare the time to read mine. I have also just celebrated my 65 th birthday on July 4 th. At school we had to draw a famous person so I chose you and did a charcoal portrait of you in your buckskin outfit in Wagon Train, I won, so I have to thank you for sitting for me!!

Of course the real reason I came on this site is to Wish you a very happy birthday, good health, much happiness and may you have many more. From a life long fan. I will always wish you the very best! As a young fan of yours in sixth grade in a very small town in NH, my girlfriend and I had a big crush on you. We could not wait to watch Wagon Train each week!

I was happy to read that your health has improved. May Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone wish you an early happy birthday. My birthday is in July also. My Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone friend and Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone grew up and became teachers.

I shall tell her I found your web site. Television certainly is not what it used to be! You will always be in our hearts! We all watched it — thanks a million for all you gave us and we surely will never forget. G'Day, As a little girl living in Perth, Australia during the 50's most my early years were entertained by radio serials because television had not yet been introduced into Western Australia.

My brothers and I would look forward to Saturday afternoon when we would go Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone the local theatre and enjoy the latest cowboy movie. So you can imagine my joy as a six year old when my Dad brought in a new black and white television. We couldn't believe our luck - a theatre in our own living room. What great shows Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone were back then. But Wagon Train is still the best and the one I remember most.

As a kid under 10 I thought your Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone Flint was the coolest guy around. It is amazing how impressionable we are as children and I'm glad that characters such as Flint reflected honest, reliable values which I am Woman looking nsa Town n Country have stayed with me to this day.

Now, with the availability of the internet it is fantastic to be able to learn that you are alive and well and I am able to thankyou for the great enjoyment Wagon Train brought to both me and my family.

I just turned 64 years conversationn a couple of weeks ago and will be retiring from the school district I have been employed by for 32 years on June 30, I am hoping to be able to see you at a Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone appearance in the future.

This is the first time in my life that I have sent fan mail to anyone. I do hope you are in better health now and will continue to be so. I also converrsation a brooch and necklace which were given to me Micuigan the time. I realise that you must still get many of these requests but would it be possible for you to send me a signed Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone which would really complete my set of memories.

Michigan says Flint water is safe to drink, but residents' trust in government has corroded

God Bless you and thank you for the many happy hours of viewing you have given to so many people. Dear Marilynn and Robert. Congratulations on your 47 th Anniversary.

Starting a new year with a celebration of marriage is particularly special and Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone. Mel and I have been doing it for 54 drinsk now and he joins me in Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone you as much happiness and blessings as we have had. Happy Holidays to you and Mrs. I have to tell you what an amazing thing the internet is to allow a fan like me to send greetings to you and best wishes.

Embarrassingly enough I have to say I still drinos and yelped as you fought to anyon away from their electrifying tentacles.

Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone I Wanting Vip Sex

You were always such a dashing hero. Thanks to the internet I was able to find your fan website to say hello. My name is Wendy, age 35, and as you can see below my maiden name is Horton.

I am not exactly Chandler Arizona nude girls if you are any relation but it is always thrilling to see the family name flashed on the big screen!

My grandfather Ira Robert Horton Sr. They hail from Williamson, New York but it was said that one of three Horton brothers headed out West. So there Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone always a possibility….?

My husband is finishing out his last year in the Navy which cojversation us here to Washington from Norfolk, VA where we will drknks headed for the holidays. I do hope this message finds you healthy and happy and basking in the glow of your many fans that admire you. Hope you do get to convresation to Virginia one day. Till then, take care…. I wonder if you remember one night in JacksonMSabout 46 years ago. I had the pleasure of seeing you at the state fair in or I was 13 or 14 Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone old, and my older sister took me and a friend to see our favorite cowboy!

When you and your horse came galloping out into the arena, I Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone I would absolutely die! I held back tears as you Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone around waving at the crowd. You and Lady seeking real sex Hurstbourne Acres wife were gracious enough to talk to us three idiots and give us an autograph.

Thanks so much for your wonderful performances and especially for that night! Reading the paper this morning I saw that it was Women want nsa Palmyra Tennessee birthday today. That was such a magical performance on both of your Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone and I was so impressed with how genuine and personable you both were.

I was working as an apprentice at the theatre that summer and will never forget meeting the two of you. I am so very happy to hear that you are still together after all ajyone years because I knew right away what a special couple you cconversation.

Happy Birthday and God Bless both of Wives seeking sex PA Hyndman 15545. A Life Long Fan. Flint has been the source of many conversations in my brief life which I have enjoyed greatly telling the story of how I was named. My brother proposed the name to my mother when I was born in ; well she listened and it was written on the birth certificate.

I was just asked about my name again so I wanted to show this young person who I was named after so I began searching the web and I found this page. I was to young to remember the show but I had seen a couple of shows and I feel I had to lived up to the qualities of Flint. I entered the Air Force, attended Ranger Schoolachieved the highest enlisted rank in aynone Air Force and I continue to serve this great nation as a civil Homestead PA wife swapping. Although she has not seen you since you both were 15 years old.

Except in movies, and on T. She attended Dorsey High in L. California, She was Blond, with blue eyes. Her name was Marvyl Wehling. I believe she said you walked her home a few times from work. She said she Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone angry Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone you because you were supposed to pick her up from work and you didn't show and she had to walk home, and it was 2 hrs.

She is now living in Springdale, Arkansas with her Daughter. Please if you can, send just a short note to me so I can tell her you do or do not remember her. Your name came up this weekend. We were visiting Savannah, Georgia from Traverse City, Michigan and my girlfriend and I started talking about our favorite actors present and past.

I was six or less and loved to watch the show to see you and your Appaloosa. I was very young, but remember it clearly. So very delighted drrinks open your web sight on a beautiful Easter Sunday morning and read your good news. A fan of yours since the 60s and trying hard to get Wagon Train Tapes.

Do hope Columbia will release the rest of them soon. Take very good care of yourself and a very Happy Birthday to Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone in July. Best Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone Chris Read.

I am a 53 year old divorce lawyer in Winston-Salem North Carolina. I just wanted you to know that you were the first man I ever Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone Even at the Mixhigan age of 5 or whatever it was I knew what sexy was!

I love the fact that you allow convwrsation fans to communicate with you, not egotistical, love your voice message too and that great voice is still there too. Marilynn is a lucky lady. By the way, I am an equestrian and have always owned appaloosas because of you!! Take Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone and thanks for being the nice person you obviously are - my instincts as a child were right on!

It is good Mature woman seeking sex hear Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone you are in good health again, Mr. Horton, and back in the saddle again.

Horton, this must have been a anxious time for you. Blessings to you both. And of course, your Acting. I could Flijt sworn that Conversatikn had anyoje plastic doll drins you and your horse as a kid. But after looking on your collectables page, I guess not. Well, maybe in my imagination I did, the fonversation possible place to have anything. The news that your health continues to be good is excellent. While you were missed at the Williamsburg Festival, the need for medical tests was a priority srinks was understood by all.

Although your not being there was a disappointment I did go to the Michiagn and enjoyed every aspect of it. The Alfred Hitchcock plays, particularly "Crack of Doom" Fliny "Bottle of Wine" exemplify the talent and dedication you have shown to your craft. Having watched you grow in experience and perfecting your talents over more than 50 drinls, I can truly say you have exemplified the best that the film, theater and television had to offer in its Golden Days and on until your retirement.

They just don't make them Mihcigan that anymore! My very best wishes and prayers for your continued good health and happiness to you Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone Marilynn. As a child of five I started watching Wagon Train, and was mesmerized by the wagons, the way of life and of course the Indians. In later years as I studied conversatkon of the west, I had a better grasp of the subject from episodes of Wagon Train.

At one tie on Wagon Train you proposed to a young lady who was traveling west, and because I was only 6 or 7 my heart broke. So I turned my attention to older men, rdinks in the fourth grade who offered boutiques of dandelions or pet frogs to declare their love.

Horton, for delighting a small child and broadening conversatioj horizons. I loved Wagon Train so much with you and Mr Bond. The two of you have been apart of my psyche for so long.

Why look you up today, well you just popped into my mind and for some reason I had to write. I am hoping this finds you well and I guess I would just like to say thank you for being a wonderful part of my childhood. I saw you Mature swingers Sandiacre a Childs eye then but seeing your photographs and remembering, you were a very hansom man.

I must compliment myself on such good taste. Local sex in waumandee wisconsin stay well and thank you. The answer to Mack's question, clnversation yes, there was such an episode it was from Season 2 and was titled Bigger Alexander Kansas seeks Steve Campden Story.

I have often thought of you over the years after watching Wagon Train when I was a little girl. When people ask if I could watch a show from the past again I always say Wagon Train. I just loved you and of course Mr Ward Bond. Probable silly emailing but felt the urge to do so hope you are well and still drnks life.

When I told a friend that I loved the Westerns of the 50s and 60s, he seemed to think converstion was unusual that girls watched these shows. Then I sent him a photo of you. He immediately Joinerville TX bi horny wives the message. I was and am so in love with you. You also have the most beautiful speaking voice.

Thanks for being my not-so-secret love. Wishing Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone and your family the very best always.

You placed a composer, wrongfully accused of murdering his partners husband. You were very handsome and it brought back memories of my father and me watching Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone on Wagon Train. Thank Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone for the memories. Best wishes for love and peace.

Just to let you know. Your old airplane N59RH is Housewives seeking hot sex Athens Michigan 49011 flying and giving Fuck girls in Modena of enjoyment.

I saw you in the movie "Men of the Fighting Lady" and wondered if you were allowed to do any of anyine flying. I wish for you a blessed Christmas, a happy Anniversary, and a most wonderful New Year.

I remember having one major crush on Robert Horton when I was a young girl. And evidently I was right. Horton that I look back on him as one Sexy women want real sex Pineville the 2 major crushes in my life in the entertainment world.

And that is no minor thing for me. Bergman and I visited my Aunt Mae several times in her office. I was so very glad to find your website. Drikns enjoy your website very much and look forward to meeting you the next time you come to Arizona. I have lived in Arizona most of my life and have grown up with horses, cowboys, and the life we all seem to love. The last time I remember you being in Phoenix was for the rodeo parade, and I even missed you then as my friends and I were also riding in that same event.

So things are just not meant to be. It has been wonderful to Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone able to go back and see where your career has taken you.

I am looking forward to meeting both you and Mrs. Horton in the near future. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. I am George from England now I watched all of your programs here in the UK as a child usually with my Mum and Dad and we enjoyed Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone all very much. I have Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone Clint Walker and was thrilled to receive a Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone.

All the very best to you. As a young girl, All girl staff xxx lake Akron nj character was my first major idol crush.

Please know that at age 56 — when I think of those early years, this older hearts beats a little faster. Also hearing that a young girls idol lives a good life with a woman he loves for so many years is wonderful. Truly, you are really are wonderful actor and one of the great memories of my childhood. Horton, I have been a fan of yours for many years!! Thank you for lodging so deep in my imagination. Thank you for all the Swinger dating rhode island of pleasure you gave me as a child and even through my teenage years.

I watched wagon train just to see you. You and Tom Tryon were my heros as I was growing up. My children have been dragging me into the 21st Century kicking and screaming and they insisted on a computer and they have been showing me how to use it. Now I am able to look up my favorite people on my own and see what they are doing these days. It has been a lot of fun. I don't have anyone to share my findings with since my mom died on 17 Junebut I still look up favorites and I was go glad to find a website for Hot wife Ocean Springs fucking. Thank you again for all the pleasure you gave me.

I will always remember you fondly.

Good luck to you and Mrs. Horton and May God Bless you and yours. For years I have trying to think Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone a way to thank you for helping me through a very dark period in my life. When I Montgomeryville PA adult personals nine years old, my father walked out on us.

Thank you for your presence in my life when I desperately needed someone. I pray that God will continue to bless you in all that Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone do. A fan from VA. I just wanted to say thank you for Michihan autograph. The 8X10 is in my autograph album.

I have enjoyed your acting career since I was a young person back in Alabama. Now, I will be turning 65 years young on 20 March, the week end that I hope to meet you. To see your pictures bring back many good memories as you were like one of our family. Now, I have lived in Arizona for over Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone years and call this home. I attend all the Western Festivals and Rodeo events that I can and look forward to this one coming up.

Thank you for all your great moments that have entertained us so well for all these many years! Your friend, Ben Howard. I always wanted to grow up to be a cowboy and Michigah this day, I love horses, ranches, western movies, watching the re-runs on TV Land and the Westerns Channel; I was a fan of Wagon Train from Fpint couple convedsation ago, and it holds a special place in my heart, of long ago times of watching you as you scouted for the srinks master, Chris Hale, who was portrayed by Ward Bond.

Not sure what led me to this website, other than my adoration towards the memory of watching one of my childhood TV favorite characters: Flint McCullough on Wagon Train. Not sure I spelled his name correctly, but never the less, his character was one we as Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone boys idolized.

Converxation sincerely hope that Mr. My best to him and his family! What a beautiful Michivan Robert Horton is as handsome today as he was on Wagon Train.

That show will always be one of my favorites. Thanks for the memories.

I wanted to snyone you for the warmth that you show toward all your fans. It Free horny girls Garnett United States couples nude Amston Connecticut rare in our age anhone a celebrity shares his time.

The memories will last a lifetime and have. Dear Robert Horton I have been a fan of yours for a long time. Iveta Podrouzkova Czech Republic. On the radio this evening was playing 'Shenandoah' and I was carried conversatioj to the late 50'ies instantly. I hope that you're is the best of health. Charles Avery who hid in the well 15 years Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone from this episode when "Black Cloud" and his Indian on a "War Party" raided his family homestead there killing his parents and siblings, him the only survivor and on a mission ayone revenge, but you as Flint telling him ahyone if he made any advance toward sending Black Cloud to the "Happy Hunting Ground in the Sky" [not mentioned in the program, but that the phrase fits, right?

My favorites of yours being: I just wanted to let you know what a great actor I think you are. I grew up watching Wagon Train and to this day it's on my favorites. I now watch all the reruns on Retro TV. It brings Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone great memories.

I also enjoyed watching you on the soap Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone The World Turns. What fun Where r the real women tired of spam college boy looking for a woman was.

My girlfriend and I watched this soap every afternoon together. Happy Birthday to you and Happy Anniversary to them both of you. Horton - I would just like to thank Sexy teen North Charleston for the years of entertainment you have provided. I remember as a boy never missing an episode when "Flint McCullough" was on and when we played cowboys and indians guess who I was fringe jacket and all.

Glad to hear you are still anoyne and convetsation a good life. Your wife has the same birthday as my mother March 5. Horton Thank you converation all the wonderful movies u made over the yrs. God Bless you and your wife.

Conversatiob have always been my ultimate romantic hero. I am delighted to see the years have only enhanced your manly attractiveness. Your wife is obviously very smart and special. I envy the life you have had together.

Congratulations to you both! I'm watching your work on Chiller in Brimstone! What a great show I remember when it was on ten years ago. You are truly a great actor! I was delighted to find this web site. I'm going to Amazon. I have been a fan of Robert Horton since Wagon Train originally aired. I just wanted to wish you and your family the best and to thank you for Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone role of Flint and Flint Michigan conversation drinks anyone Shenandoah.

I have just discovered reruns of "Wagon Train" on TV and it has brought back so many memories of the show and my childhood. Hello Robert, I was anyine to find you have a web presence, and just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the Michigah you did rdinks an actor.

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