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If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is definitely more than that

Dare is to be brave enough to do something difficult or dangerous. we post some task on regular basis  and you have to prove yourself how brave are you by performing the task. 

                Tasks to perform

It may be some questions 

Some math puzzles

It may like few game

or may also be some entertaining task that you dare to your friends too


today's dare

Can you figure out the hidden words in this image ?
they are 7 in number

put your answer in comment box

As shown in the picture below, we can see a boy hanging on the tree branch to save his life. There are various ways in which he can die like
1. A snake hanging toward right waiting to bite the boy.
2. A roaring Lion near the tree.
3. Two crocodiles ready to attack if boy reaches near water.

The tree is chopped to some extent, so can fall as if he moves a lot.
Can you give this boy an escape plan?

Can you find company name from the pictogram below?

Put your answer in the comment box  🙂

songs are emotions expressed in such a way that only the soul understands