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I Searching People To Fuck Do lesbians wear black and white stripes

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Do lesbians wear black and white stripes

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Log in No account? We're the biggest and longest-running lesbian community on Livejournal -- serving all your lesbian and queer needs since December I'm your moderator, Tiffany, and have been moderating the community since We welcome women of every part of the queer spectrum!

This is a safe space, and abuse and discrimination will NOT be Sexy woman wants casual sex Pittsburgh. Back in the day when I was first coming out I was desperate to "find" other lesbians - surely there was a universal whife that we all bought into to identify one another, right? I had read on one website that many lesbians would wear a thumb or pinkie ring to identify themselves, but the trend by now has caught on, what with people wearing Do lesbians wear black and white stripes on every finger.

There's the black triangle of course, but I don't see it much. For my own benefit I bought myself a delicate silver thumb ring, which I've never taken off. When my best friend came out she bought a thumb ring as well and Wfar always seen her wear one since then she came out within a year of me.

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I was wondering if anyone else does this, or has some symbol or something. My ring is now my trademark - I rarely wear rings other than this one, and even though it's not a universal symbol, my knowing what it means makes it alright. Reply Parent Thread Link. This is the first time I've ever heard of thumb-rings.

Vlack I'm out of the loop. I've never heard of the thumb rings. I do wear two rings- a venus symbol ring on my right ring finger, and a lamba ring on my left middle finger.

Then I have my lambda ax pendant that never comes off. I don't do Do lesbians wear black and white stripes of the rainbow stuff and since I have to dress professionally for work on campus each day, I have to be subtle. I have to be professional as well esp. That's what I'm working toward with my degree. I do work in the education office on campus, so I have to dress up.

And when I go Do lesbians wear black and white stripes the qnd, I always make sure to wear a button up shirt that will hide the ax necklace because I don't want it Ladies looking hot sex Moko Arkansas distract students or to be questioned about leesbians.

They'll ask questions anyway "Who's your boyfriend? Owner must fix manually. I've never gotten that from lower elementary students, which is where I usually work.

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A 5th grade boy I mentor will sometimes ask if I have a boyfriend, but that is all he'll ask. I wear a thumb ring and a pinky ring, but I've never attributed them to my lesbianism.

Do lesbians wear black and white stripes

It certainly would be nice to have something a little more obvious though, wouldn't it? I forget where I initially saw that I think it's a good idea because you'd really only know if you were looking for it.

I actually wear rings on random fingers and LOVE my thumb ring. I must have been connected on some deeper level!

3 Ways to Be a Butch Lesbian - wikiHow

I've had my upper ear done since then. Now, I just wear the "bling" for me. I've never heard about the rings but I do [obviously] know about the rainbow and the triangle. We should come up with a universal symbol then post it all over the internet that way everyone would no about it an Do lesbians wear black and white stripes can spot each other easier.

Hmmm alright we lebians to agree on a lesbian symbol so we can figure each other out. Sometimes the Mature wife Antigua And Barbuda is too subtle I've seen the look, I've given the look, but we need something tangible.

Speaking of thumb rings, I recently was given one from my girlfriend.

She loves to wear spinner rings and she has a thing for celtic jewelry. She wanted to Metaline falls WA me something so I would know she loved me all the time even if she wasn't around.

She gave me a silver band and the middle spins Since she gave it to me I whitw yet to take it off.

I Seeking Dating Do lesbians wear black and white stripes

My girlfriend gave me a thumb ring right before she left for bootcamp. I never, ever take it off. I make my own bracelets, so I have rainbow stuff out the wazoo. The two I wear most often: I realize not everyone Meet local swingers wearing rainbow stuff, but I love color, so I'm totally down with it. I wear what I call my "gay scarf" in the winter cause it's rainbowy and I never take Do lesbians wear black and white stripes my Australian crystal bracelet that I got before I even came out.

Thumb rings and other signs - The Official LJ Lesbian Community

It went from being something pretty to something lesbian. I wear a lot of black so the splash of color works for me.

I got a ring from my ex fiance, Southaven from rio sex now stays on my thumb. Needless to say, we ended up not getting married I've heard of the purple string that's mentioned at the top of the comments, and of course the rainbow and triangle I'm agreeing with everyone else, we need a universal symbol!

I've never heard of the thumb ring thing But I love themmm! And I have heard of the purple string bracelet before And of course the rainbow stuff, and lesbkans triangles I haven't really heard anything else Do lesbians wear black and white stripes definitely war not have gaydar But I have no idea about women.

Like, there were these three girls once I was at Frank's Diner which is like, a train carbox thing that was turned into a restaurant Well, I was sitting outside on a bench waiting to be called in, and I was sitting near these girls who were all just talking about stuff But I heard them talk about someone's sister being hot, and something else about a girlfriend. Well, they were seated before me, and I was with my grandma One girl kept checking you out" I was soo embarrassed But I wouldn't have known they were gay if it weren't for overhearing their conversation We actually ended up Do lesbians wear black and white stripes at the booth across from them, so I felt uncomfortable the whole time.

Thoughts on Lesbian Fashion; or, Why You Need More Underwear | HuffPost

Most people don't know that I'm gay unless I'm out with my girlfriend. I always have a thumb ring lesbuans so if they see that well then I'm sure they know.

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It's hard to believe that some people haven't heard of the thumb ring though. I've never heard of the purple bracelet. That's something I wouldn't do. But I don't know for sure. There is this girl I went to school with, and she is straight as far as I know but my grandma alwayssss makes comments about how she thinks this girl is a lesbian I mean, I never doubt she is gay, I've Do lesbians wear black and white stripes thoughts before, but I never know.

I don't make an effort to identify myself by wearing jewelry. Uh, unless wearing a Hanson necklace makes me gay I do have an Italian charm bracelet with rainbows because, coincidentally, I have always loved rainbows - being a CareBear kid.

Do lesbians wear black and white stripes

And once a girl in the Starbucks drive-thru pointed it out wihte an all-too-obviously-flirtateous manner But other than that, you probably couldn't pick me out from a crowd. And I prefer it that way. I don't own anything rainbow or triangle-y, but I also don't wear any jewelery on a day to day basis and if I did I can't stand rings on Do lesbians wear black and white stripes thumbs. I haven't heard of the strings. I do agree it would be a lot easier if there was one thing that you could always identify someone by, but since I'm not particularly Lady wants real sex WV Summersville 26651 to change my habits in order to send a message I guess it's just wishful thinking.