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Making a career in today’s competitive environment is not an easy task. The pursuits start much early, in the childhood itself, the task of making the career choice is no less than a challenge for a student. Ask a child what he/she want to become ?? their answer will doctor, engineer, teacher, pilot, astronaut and much more, isn’t there answers are cute? or ask all the grown ups what they wanted to become when they were young. The chances are very few of them actually became what they aspired towards in childhood. The answers are actually theirs parents dream how they want to see their child. its their dream to make their children doctor engineer teacher etc, without knowing what unique talent their child have.

Every child born with a unique talent and have different capabilities to do different things. We have heard it countless number of times, “students not performing well on examinations.” Be it Maths, Science, History  or for that matter even Languages. Many students generally have a tough time performing well in subjects that are difficult and boring or are least interested in the subject altogether. These are common reasons for bad results. This is the stage to identify the field of interest of students and help them to choose what they want.  

Today’s world is very different than it was 20-25 years ago. Education has become a necessity to everybody. Usually after completing their schooling life, students start gets confusing about what to do after 12th or what to choose as a career option after 12th. There are numerous numbers of options available for courses after 12th. Thus changes in career counselling and career guidance are attracting people’s attention. Every concerned guardian is taking the initiative to opt their children for best courses after 12. You should understand your abilities, strength, and weaknesses and then choose what after 12th.

we are here to help students and their gaurdian to let them choose career options that suits them best using unique ways of filtering out the :

stregnth of students

field in which they are interested

unique talent in them

their capabilities

their weakness

Become a career counsellor, it is a great profession in terms of serving the youth of the country and creating a better future for them individually and the country as a whole. At  great plan are offered for the associates to join their journey of improving the career of students in India through various career assessment test, courses and counselling.



Every day different careers and professional opportunities are emerging. No matter how much you want to do all of them you will have to prioritize and choose the best option for you.



The entire process of career planning should be ideally done in conjunction with your career counsellor, such that you have professional help at every step. A trained career counsellor can help you identify several professions in which you can be good. Let no person ever tell you that you are good for nothing. Each one of us have talents, it is important to identify them & then work hard to develop them further.

Another equally important aspect of self assessment is self analysis or soul searching. We are the best judge for ourselves. If you concentrate and decide to be honest with yourself the self analysis can project remarkable results.

how do we help

We provide Online Career Counselling provides the biggest advantage of making highly credible career counselors accessible to all the students and parents without the limitation of geography. That is even if the student and parents are geographically far away, still they can get Quality Career Guidance when they take online career counseling from us. Here are the distinct advantages of  our Online Career Counselling:

  •  Through our Online Career Counselling allows a student to take the Aptitude Test from the place of his/her own choice. One need not travel to another city or town for taking Career Assessment Test. All that one needs is a good, workable internet connection.
  • The results of the Online Career Test is usually in the form of Comprehensive Report that lists the students Aptitude Profile and Personality Profile as well as provide the recommendation for future Career Path.
  •  We also provide a very interactive dashboard to the student. This dashboard graphically provides the Inherent Strength Information and other details to the student
  • For those who wish to have a personal interaction with the Expert Career Counselors, they do get an option to  reach us throug contact form below.