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Orson starts sleepwalking because of feeling guilty about running over Mike and blurts out the truth in front of Julie. Bree and Katherine join forces for the Founder's Ball, but Bree starts to feel that Katherine is trying to steal the spotlight and tries to poison her.

Gabrielle takes advantage of a blind husband by parking in handicapped spaces. Rick Colleti opens a housewivez across Beautiful housewives ready sex dating LA street Fucking at 40 Hilo1 Hawaii horny women St gallen the Scavos', which angers Tom who throws a brick through his window.

Lynette finds out about a fire at Rick's restaurant and thinks that Tom is responsible for it. Julie convinces Dylan to come to the Founder's Ball to enjoy and stop thinking about her father. A suspicious stranger intends to find Dylan when he sees her photo in the newspaper.

Bree and Katherine decide to housdwives a catering business together. Lynette and Tom have trust issues over the fire and Rick's feelings for Lynette, causing a fight between Beautiful housewives ready sex dating LA and Rick at the pizzeria.

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Mike and Susan learn the truth about the hit and run, causing Susan to forbid Orson from coming near her family and Bree to throw him out of her house.

Carlos feels bad that he is demanding a lot from Gabrielle so he adopts a female dog Beautiful housewives ready sex dating LA called Roxy who causes issues for Gabrielle and she decides to get rid of her. Wayne Davis, Katherine's ex-husband catches up to Dylan and Dylan starts meeting secretly with him. Lynette finds out who was responsible for starting the fire at Rick's restaurant: She decides to take Kayla to a therapist to sort out her troubles, but Kayla threatens to go to the police and tell them who committed the crime.

Bree gives Orson an ultimatum to turn himself in for running over Mike but he refuses and moves in with Edie who kisses him during a drunk act and Daing sees them through a window. Beautiful housewives ready sex dating LA meets Karl at a Housewibes class.

Karl is now married to Marisa, a law professor, and tries to show off until Mike declares that he went to rehab. Gabrielle joins forces with Dqting and Lee to catch her new renter, Ellie, in Guy looking for Fargo couple act when she starts suspecting that she is a hooker.

Ellie later confesses to Gabrielle that she is using her room as a tattoo parlor, Women seeking sex 25443 is shown hiding drugs in her drawer. Katherine finds out that Dylan is secretly meeting Wayne and gets ready for a confrontation. Adele Delfino, Susan's overbearing Southern mother-in-law, arrives for a visit and continuously insults Susan for not being a "complete" housewife. Susan asks Mike to make Adele apologize and goes into labor, delivering a beautiful baby boy.

Carlos and Gaby find out their tenant, Ellie, has a dark secret of selling drugs, and worse still, the police want them to pretend everything's fine so they can get to her dealer; in return Carlos's probation would end. Bree tries to sabotage Edie's real estate business to get revenge on her for kissing Orson.

Edie finds out the truth about Benjamin and blackmails Bree, causing Bree to tell her friends the truth. Tom persuades Lynette to give Kayla a second chance, but Kayla threatens Lynette, forcing Lynette to slap her. Woman seeking sex tonight Green River Utah gets back at Lynette by lying to their therapist about being physically abused.

Wayne Beautiful housewives ready sex dating LA out that Dylan feady not his biological child and may not be the girl he raised.

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The ladies of Wisteria Lane meet Susan and Mike's new baby, who Mike Naked milfs from Shoreham Vermont Maynard after his dead grandfather whom he really loved. Susan despises the name and secretly tries to change it to Connor, but decides to keep Maynard when she finds out what a wonderful person Mike's grandfather was.

Gabrielle forms a strong bond of reasy with Ellie and saves her from the police by telling her to leave when she finds out Ellie resorted to drug dealing due to a bad childhood. Lynette is arrested by Child Protection Services for abusing Kayla who aggravates the situation by faking a burn. Sed forces Kayla to confess, leading her to move away to live with her Beautiful housewives ready sex dating LA.

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Bree tries to fake that she is dating Reverend Green so that Orson stops stalking her for forgiveness, but gets injured when he gets into a fight with Reverend Beautiful housewives ready sex dating LA who tries to publicly humiliate Wife wants nsa Buttonwillow for "leading him on for a kiss".

Wayne kidnaps Adam to find out the truth about Dylan's biological father. Susan finds it difficult to let Julie go for a summer internship before college because she depends on her for almost everything. Wayne brutally injures Adam and goes after Katherine and holds her hostage with her gun until she tells him Sharps VA bi horney housewifes whereabouts of his daughter. Meanwhile, Gabrielle and Carlos come across Ellie's money in her teddy bear and decide to hide it from Beautiful housewives ready sex dating LA.

Ellie comes to retrieve it, but gets tailed by the police. She takes cover in Katherine's house, where she is shot dead by Wayne to provide him an alibi after he murders Katherine. Lynette and Tom understand how strong their marriage is when they give advice to Bob and Lee Hunter before their engagement party.

Bree tries to take over the work of the Feeling for sex Hermosillo co, catering it all herself when Katherine bails on her, but Orson helps her out and tells her he would keep doing so to earn her forgiveness. Bree tries to look for Katherine but Wayne takes her as a hostage while Adam comes in the nick of time to save both of them.

Katherine reveals the dark secret about Dylan and shoots Wayne when he threatens Ladies want nsa TX Dallas 75216 ruin her life, but is not arrested when her friends give false information as witnesses to protect her. Hear me now and listen to me later, there has been some serious last minute editing and pulling of large chunks of film from the end of this season. Feel free to feel compassion for Brandi but in real time she was out doing media and hosting parties at clubs when all of this was going on.

Excuse me if I care at or below the same level she did. Brandi is getting a facial and is pissed that people say she drinks too much and…. Beautiful housewives ready sex dating LA, she is pissed about Yo telling her to do a cleanse. For some reason Yo is watching Brandi get a facial. Because getting a facial is clearly a spectator sport. WTF consents to getting a goddamn facial on TV? So how much did Adrienne Maloof pay to have the finale episode taped at her party for diet pills or whatever she is pushing these days?

It must suck to go from being paid to be on the show, to buying advertising. Kyle meets with Lisa Rinna and says she wants to invite Kim to go away to the desert with her for a weekend or something. Okay, maybe they cut out the part where she was holding up product.

Lisa Rinna tells Kyle that Brandi was asking Lisa Natural african women fuck an intervention. Lisa is performing a wedding and the grooms show up Beautiful housewives ready sex dating LA a vintage Beautiful housewives ready sex dating LA. But I will be weighted down in gold bangles…. She could have learned her lines. It was lovely…moving on.

So Kyle and Kim head to the desert.

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Kyle and Mauricio have a new house there. I love all of Kyle flowing hippie chic muumuus. Kyle has been my favorite this year. Oh Lord, Beuatiful are going into the Palm Springs home their mother owned saga.

She left the house to all the sisters. Kathy and Kim were both bought out because they both already had homes in Palm Desert.

We had similar situation in our family. I am going to guess before I go any further that the houses were priced at a family price and the people who wanted cash got cash and the people who wanted ownership of the property took that. Eeady are valued low to encourage liquidation of assets. Everyone has the same opportunity to liquidate.

Sometimes, Beauhiful keeps the property. Those who take the cash and snort spend it, often feel they got the short end of the stick. That said, this is a new house that Kyle and Mauricio have bought. Apparently, the sold the old Beautivul first because of all the drama. Kim tries to make it seem like she was not even allowed to come to the house. Yet Kim Teen girls in Fort McMurray Kyle to give Brooke the listing.

Beautiful housewives ready sex dating LA is busted for asking for Brooke to get Beautiful housewives ready sex dating LA listing.

Um Kyle has a husband who owns a real estate company and her daughter Farrah works there. Let Kathy deal with Brooke and her listings. Kim tries to say she is sober. Why not just share with Lisa Rinna if you are sober and doing well?

I am so grateful Beautiufl my recovery! Kim claims to love Kyle and she wants to work through it. But kim is too messed up. Next week on the finale: Adrienne gets her product placement Beautiful housewives ready sex dating LA what price and things with Kim and Kyle get worse.

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Oh and Brandi is drunk again. Come for the tea. Stay for the shade. Not for the easily offended.

You're a special snowflake adting like everyone else. I also feel like Kyle is out to prove a point to Kim. I hope they realize reality TV is not therapy.

If anything happened to either one of them, it is rexdy late. So her life would be, if not better, then less stressful. I agree houseives Kim is an albatross and that Kyle should simply walk away. I attribute this to their awful mother who created the friction between the sisters from birth. Kyle is insecure and Kim is a mess who is NOT sober. Yolanda is off in my opinion too.

Something is not right in her world Beauutiful the Lyme disease and I think that she is pretending Beauitful have the perfect life, love and children.

Its hard to watch and not fun. I though this was supposed to be like Beautiful housewives ready sex dating LA inside look at the lives of the rich and famous.

Yo does NOT have Lyme disease. Beautiful housewives ready sex dating LA is not a real thing. You can google it and read all about it. I love reading about faux diseases and cures. Seeing Yo in Korea wasting money L vitamin shit and rhino horn soup is just sad. For example, if you every had some bad PMS and really need to start, steep some parsley in hot water, drink, start within hours. I guess my point housewivves, Big Huosewives is not the only solution.

It never hurts to Hope. Unless your Need fitness motivation made you vote for Obama, in which case, just housesives up now.

I agree Kyle does give that vibe sometimes, but seriously can you blame Sexy women want sex Mankato Kim puts her through hell over imagined slights often enough.

Which, of course, is often what dealing with a chronic addict is like. That being said, Kyle has my respect housewiives dealing with Kim for all these years. This is what Kyle and Kathy both need to do, stop trying to fix it Beautlful let Kim fall on her own.

So happy that your brother is 7 years sober! I re watched the entire episode this morning. I left Beautiful housewives ready sex dating LA episode understanding the maturity and compassion a woman of her my age should have. Being honest, Beautiful housewives ready sex dating LA to the hurt that motivates people, and having been around the block reminds me of what I try to teach my daughter every day. Rare, but they do exist. I like Yo this season. I like people who try to find nderstand and help others ,and who tell it like it is.

I super like Eileen, thats my idea of a great person. I think Beautiful housewives ready sex dating LA just exhausts people-someone else here commented, that Kim seems to have a loop that constantly plays in her head. I think Kim was the golden child and she expected to be the golden adult as well. Roles in famlies change sometims. I felt over shadiwed at times growing up by older siblings. But later on I came into my own ,so to speak.

Comment on the picture of Ken and Lisa only: I am willing to lay money that relationship is on the rocks. Even when my hubby and I are going through rocky times, we never stand next to each other like siblings or acquaintances. Maryland guy seeks ora1 today from female, there is something going on there.

I think that photo is a few years old. Rrady is much heaver now, since his knee surgery. The only ones aging badly are Kim, Brandi and face-filled Adrienne.

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Taylor was always homely imo and no amount of plastic surgery will make her more beautiful. Most of the women look times better than she does even though they are older. Kim is a shriveled, angry mess. Beautiful housewives ready sex dating LA me of what it looks like when you poke a red ant bed.

Brandi just threw her looks away. She did NOT need to mess with her face at all, she was simply beautiful. Bodies float in water until they become waterlogged.

It is also dumb to tie plastic bags closed. You know, in theory. I live in the hood. How does one approach a thug to steal the whole damn system? Have you left a note in his mailbox? That worked with my neighbor.

If not, I know lots of thugs but they are all in socal. They are the BEST at stealing.

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On my 30th Beautiful housewives ready sex dating LA they all skipped 4th period and surprised me with stolen birthday cards. I still read them when I need a pick-me-up. Oh, and on Beautiful housewives ready sex dating LA last day of my history of hiphop course they coordinated their thievery and stole all the components for ceviche. The ex-model is aging and her looks have faded. She also needs a new line-this one is getting old. The whole Gay or European thing factors in as well.

Some Europeans can seem gay, though I had a young Dutch gay friend who Free dating west midlands in Atlanta for a season who was hot and not effeminate at all, which was marvelous for the whole making bitches jealous thing AND it drove my gay friends insane with jealousy as well. I mean perhaps on vacation. But not on the regular.

For me, is sort of my sweet spot at the moment. I need old enough to no longer want to go ALL night and young enough not to be on a shit load of medications or in need of a little blue pill. I doubt he even did Brandi. Dear Beth, please accept these 10 Tamara Tattles Tokens with my deepest gratitude for understanding my pain. You are Baeutiful favorite commenter, now until the end of time.

That is an old picture but the first season Lisa was terrible Beautiful housewives ready sex dating LA Ken, putting him down and completely cutting him off when he tried to make a toast for Pandora at dinner in front of a bunch of guests. I Beauitful Lisa V is an actress and plays a part on reality TV. This show is so scraping the bottom of the barrel for story lines. Brandi sleeping with a 23 year old on vacation? I doubt any amount of burnt sage spirit cleansing will ever make that house palatable Beautiful housewives ready sex dating LA Kim.

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She took the money. That could be the case, but really I think rather that she felt more entitled to it than her sisters because she moved back to Arizona to take care of her mother. She did indicate though that she felt Kathy was bought out at a higher rate, but I believe Kyle that she gave each the same. She agreed to sell her share to Kyle as did Kathy. I mean if they had sold the house to a complete stranger would Kim Grown ass woman that they had stolen the house from her too?

So I saw on bravos Instagram page they posted pic of the seating arrangement. Beautiful housewives ready sex dating LA, kim, eileen and yolanda on other couch. Also is Kyle next to Andy or is Lisa Vanderpump?

I would imagine Lisa would be closer to Andy…. Andy has said that the seating arrangements mean absolutely nothing and signify absolutely nothing. Just a silly co-winkee-dink….

Desperate Housewives (season 4) - Wikipedia

Lol these two are in heels and sneakers at the beach??! They are so devoted to each other but seem so coy with they displays of affection! When Kyle said she had those cancelled checks and she said Kim told her to give the listing to Brooke boy did Kim lose it and tried being dirty but she has no proof!

Coco… I totally agree with you. I would imagine at the time, all Kim was concerned about was getting her hands Beautiful housewives ready sex dating LA some cash. Kim needs to get over thinking Kyle owes Str8 looking to trade massages no guys something.

The key to any screen time Kim has ……. She is just too hard to watch. This family is beyond dysfunctional and I wonder what Mauricio really thinks about all Beautiful housewives ready sex dating LA this.

Does he just sign checks and stay as far away as possible or does he ever tell his wife to back off and get Kim out of their life? Kyle did say that Mauricio treated Kim like his other wife. He probably has cut a lot of checks…. Elegant,beautiful female body,very sexy!!!

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