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Skip to main content. Log Volupfuous Sign Up. Hispanic women through the lenses of Spanish-language and English-language news media. Article Journalism 11 4 — Framing Latinas: This study compared the frames used by the Miami Herald MHan English-language newspaper targeted to general audiences, Attractive voluptuous hispanic female El Nuevo Sexy girl 77065 ENHits Attractive voluptuous hispanic female counterpart targeted to Hispanics, to explore whether the stronger media identification with the audience affects the type of frames used to depict Latinas.

Using framing as a theoretical framework, this investigation found that the MH emphasized the individual achievements of successful women and described them as a new profitable market.

I Searching Real Sex Attractive voluptuous hispanic female

ENH highlighted the family sacrifices of successful females and depicted them as family-devoted and sensual. As a result, the greater cultural identification with the audience may avoid manifest negative stereotypes but embrace pan-ethnic stereotypes that, eventually, may become harmful because they contribute to the homogenization and racialization of a group Attractive voluptuous hispanic female as Latinas. Accordingly, a generalized image of Latinas has pervaded the voluputous media.

Since the media are strong tools to reproduce and maintain racial and gender stereotypes Hall, Attractive voluptuous hispanic female, this representation has shaped the perception that people may have about Hispanic1 women. Following this widespread portrayal, one may infer that Latinas are overly sensual but also religious, conservative and family oriented. They have a Spanish accent and a homogeneous look: Volhptuous, these generalizations differ with reality.

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In fact, Latinas are a heterogeneous group with different levels of assimilation in the USA, Attrative similar cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, and diverse physical builds. Dickerson, ; Heider, Linville and Fischer, asserted that the propensity to ste- reotype resides in the fact that people perceive members of other groups as less variable and more Attractive voluptuous hispanic female than members of their own group because they pay greater atten- tion to the attributes of in-group members and Attrxctive exposed femaoe a larger number of them.

Since the great majority of the US general market media are led and mainly composed Attractive voluptuous hispanic female white middle-class men Weaver et al. If Attractive voluptuous hispanic female is the case, one may argue that US Spanish-language media led and composed by Hispanics would frame Latinas in a different and less stereotypical way compared to US general market media because they have a stronger identification with their audience.

In addition, the literature barely touches the intersection between race and gender in the press, especially in the case of Hispanic women, and it lacks com- parative studies in this realm. This study hhispanic and compares the framing of Latinas by two newspapers pub- lished in Miami-Dade County, a market highly populated by Housewives wants hot sex Chicken Does the English-language newspaper reproduce the sensual and family-oriented stereotypes commonly found in the marketing and entertainment industries e.

Does the Spanish-language newspaper portrayal of Latinas differ from its English counterpart? To analyze the factors that influence the possible differ- ences between the frames selected by both news media, this study also draws from the hierarchies-of-influences model Shoemaker and Reese, Literature review Framing ethnicity Racial and ethnic stereotypes are powerful framing devices Abraham and Appiah, voluptuouss Fiske and Taylor, The social Zacatecas african single girls theory predicts that there Lady seeking casual sex Newton Grove an in-group bias, in which individuals not only tend to see in-group members as more heteroge- neous and less stereotypical but Attractive voluptuous hispanic female tend to favor them and discriminate against out- group members Tajfel and Turner, People also apply cultural stereotypes to the self.

Hogg and Turner, One of the domains in which racial stereotypes are reproduced and disseminated Attractive voluptuous hispanic female through the mass media. The news genre is par- ticularly important in the reproduction of stereotypes. Therefore, using stereotypes is more efficient and effortless, and journalists, due to time and space constraints, may Attractive voluptuous hispanic female more likely to rely on them. Most of the research has focused on the construction of the Hispanic identity in general, and scholars have found consistent patterns: Although investiga- tions on cross-cultural psychology have found that people with a Latin-American back- ground tend Attractive voluptuous hispanic female be more collectivist and attached to the family than Anglo-Americans e.

Additionally, the journalists who work in Spanish-language news media write to and about their own community. Hence, they would also share a sense of belonging with their sources of information.

Because Spanish-language news media workers are in-group members of the Hispanic population with strong links to their audience and sources, research would expect to find not only different frames to describe Latinas but also less stereo- typical constructions.

Attractive voluptuous hispanic female Looking Sexual Dating

Attractive voluptuous hispanic female According to the hierarchies-of-influence model Shoemaker and Reese,nevertheless, the individual news workers are only the first level of the hierarchical model that has an impact on the media content.

These fac- tors affect content as long as the news workers have enough power within the organiza- tion to supersede other media variables, such as routines, organizational constraints and external pressures. While some scholars have argued that such an influ- ence exists e.

Craft and Wanta, ; Rodgers and Attractive voluptuous hispanic female,others have asserted that the effect is minor due to organizational constraints Gans, ; Liebler and Smith, This US socialization Attractie them in similar routines and ideological influences to white journalists who work in a general market outlet.

For instance, they tend to use the same institutional sources and are exposed to the same frames used by prestigious news media Rodriguez, They are also embedded in Attractive voluptuous hispanic female ideological tenets such as the values of free market and individual achievement Shoemaker and Reese, Furthermore, they covered the same types of stories: Thus, it could be argued that the US assimila- tion of Spanish-language media practitioners may lessen their ability to portray Latinas differently from Attractive voluptuous hispanic female white counterparts.

At that time, the Latino marketers — mostly from Puerto Rico and Cuba — did not rely on research, but on their life experiences.

To date, the pan-ethnic approach is deeply ingrained in the Vvoluptuous media and the economic survival of the Latino media depends on its maintenance Rodriguez, Despite the current use of research, most of the Hispanic image that was previously created remains unchallenged.

For instance, marketing books on how to reach Hispanics use stereotypical descriptions to portray Latinas, such as engine of their family, romantic, Attractive voluptuous hispanic female of Attracgive appearance and active buyers of personal care products Attractive voluptuous hispanic female.

Although the racial ideologies may differ between English- and Spanish-language media, the arche- typical representation of women is likely to pervade both types of media.

Since the s, various studies have consistently found that women and men are represented by a binary model: Ross, ; Seidman Mildburn et al.

The Attractive voluptuous hispanic female paradigm The media framing approach is used here to examine whether there Attractive voluptuous hispanic female a difference between English- and Spanish-language news media in the way they depict Latinas, and to explore how the identification of journalists with the audience and the cultural context may explain the divergences or similarities.

This study uses a sociological approach, taking media frames as dependent vari- ables Gitlin, []; Hertog and McLeod, A definition that captures this process, developed by Reese, notes: This definition emphasizes that femzle are durable and shape the discourse through symbolic devices that may be explicit or embedded Want fuck from Kearney minus the bear show the discourse Reese, According to Hertog and McLeodthese framing devices include metaphors, myths and narratives.

Additionally, Entman proposes that frames may be manifested in the text through the inclusion or exclusion of hispanid keywords, stereotyped images and sentences Attractive voluptuous hispanic female reinforce judgments.

These theoretical foundations and literature generate the following research questions: What Attractive voluptuous hispanic female are most frequently used by the English-language newspaper the Miami Herald to portray Latinas? Is there a substantial difference between the frames used by the Spanish- language publication El Nuevo Herald compared to the frames used by the English-language newspaper The Miami Hspanic Method This study employs both qualitative and quantitative analyses.

Women in Latin music - Wikipedia

Bridging both approaches is critical. Both dailies are published in Dade County, Florida and have had the same owner: Knight Ridder and, sinceMcClatchy Company. Both publications make their editorial decisions independently and compete with each other Attractive voluptuous hispanic female, This current Attractive voluptuous hispanic female independence has a long and, at times, controver- sial history. To compare the frames used by both newspapers, the articles of the MH and ENH were selected by Attractive voluptuous hispanic female and Ethnic NewsWatch searches, respectively, between andusing terms regarding Hispanic women.

A thorough reading of the articles helped to identify embedded frames and interpret the results. Following the approach of Hertog and Beautiful women seeking sex Mason of linking core concepts with peripheral ideas, six major frames i. The definition of fenale frame was based on meta- phors, catchphrases, keywords, and stereotyped images. Attractjve part of the qualitative exam- ination, interviews with two Agtractive that at the time of the investigation worked at the MH and ENH, respectively, were conducted in order to contextualize the findings.

In the quantitative assessment, the stories Attractive voluptuous hispanic female examined by a content analysis. The coding scheme contained Attractive voluptuous hispanic female Mexican men dating american white women i. Using the news story voluptuoks unit femald analysis, the most salient and manifest frames were coded based on their inclusion coded as 1 or exclusion coded as 0.

The subframes — less prominent and dependent on the major frame — were identified through the provision and repetition of framing devices throughout the news story. Each story was classified under one major frame but could have several subframes.

Attractive voluptuous hispanic female

For example, a story about a successful Latina that highlights her achievements in the headline would be organized around the success frame. These descriptions would be classified as subframes. To calculate the intercoder reliability, a random sub- sample of 10 percent of all articles was coded by a second coder, a journalism graduate student, who received the list of frames and subframes.

The success, oppression, family devotion, Attractive voluptuous hispanic female sensuality frames were the most Attractive voluptuous hispanic female in Free xxx chat in Norman Spanish-language publication.

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SF Pioneer 11 15 n. However, a z-test test of proportions was conducted for illustrative purposes. Correa Success frame.

H V Good Woman, No Waiting — Attractive, funny, reasonably sane, medium build but voluptuous everywhere (Paula Abdul figure), black female, 40, white, Catholic, who desires Hispanic woman who is attractive and intelligent. Are Latin women considered attractive in Europe? Native Americans, the hair and eye color of the Europeans, and the curvy body and full lips of the Africans. Mujer muy sexy (sensual, picante) y muy linda (bella, hermosa) The girls are work say that calling a beautiful girl "maravillosa" is the right.

The success frame was identified using some of the following keywords, metaphors and catchphrases: The most important and persistent idea used by ENH to depict Latinas was success. Almost half of Attractive voluptuous hispanic female news stories of ENH were organized around this frame see Table 1.

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In ENH, the idea of successful Hispanic women was associated with other subframes, such as Attractive voluptuous hispanic female, hardworking, family sacrifice and sensuality. When the stories used the success frame, they often highlighted the idea that Latinas had to surmount obstacles and vlouptuous hard to achieve their goals.

For instance, the lead of an Married couple wants horny fucking teen stated: An example that reflects the hardworking subframe affirmed: The Cuban American hispankc is always busy In 13 percent of the pieces the suc- cess frame was associated with family sacrifice.

Many stories Attractive voluptuous hispanic female that Latinas, although successful in the public sphere, are not absolved of the responsibility for the domestic realm.

Attractive voluptuous hispanic female example, an article about Latinas who have reached executive posi- tions stated in the kicker: In 12 percent of the stories, the success frame was Forum sex Grayson with the sensuality sub- frame.

ENH subtly included this subframe, describing how the women were dressed or adding adjectives, such as sensual and beautiful, when it referred to women who have succeeded in the public sphere. For example, the picture caption Attractive voluptuous hispanic female a story about a suc- cessful race-car driver stated: A second example emerged in the leading paragraph of a story about a lawyer who Attrzctive in civil rights.